How to Join James Joyce’s Birthday Celebration

February 2, 2021, @ 7PM EST

Join us on Zoom here:
Or via Youtube here:

Since Zoom meetings are capped at 100 people, if we reach capacity on that platform, we will ask you kindly to follow along via Youtube instead. The same event will be simulcast there, and Youtube has no attendance cap!


James Joyce’s Birthday Celebration

Festival Bloomsday Montreal celebrates James Joyce’s birthday every February 2.  Because, why not?

In fact, the 2020 celebration at the Westmount Library (02-02-2020 for the numerologically inclined) was one of the last times we were able to gather in person before COVID-19 upended our lives.  The Westmount room was full to bursting and quite unlibrary-like: the wood paneling echoing with chatter and laughter as people passed around sweets and refreshments.  Our master of ceremonies, Kevin Wright, got the lively crowd under control and introduced a roster of readers for an entertaining hour of stories, reminiscence, and recently rediscovered excerpts of Joyceana.  After a piece of birthday cake all headed out into the snow.

This year we’ll assemble on Zoom for another evening of readings by and about Joyce, again hosted by Bloomsday Montreal’s president, Kevin Wright, whose erudition sparkles behind a gracious, genial smile.  Kevin has plumbed the depths of Joyce’s work to uncover some little-known gems that suit this year’s theme: Origins.  A distinguished group of local “originals” including the delightful literary sisters, Peggy and Colleen Curran, and theatre stalwart, Clive Brewer, will bring them to life.  Festivities should last just over an hour, then we’ll raise a glass to the inimitable, immortal James Aloysius Joyce.

So dust off your party hat and join us on Tuesday, February 2, 7:00 pm EST. You’ll need to provide your own cake.

Registration: You can register by clicking here for reminders and links to watch the event to be sent to your email. As usual, the same links will also be available on this very webpage!




“The Midnight Court”

To kick off our 10th anniversary year, Festival Bloomsday Montréal presented a dramatic reading of The Midnight Court, a racy, word-rich, bawdy poem, widely regarded as the greatest work of comic verse in the history of Irish poetry.  Women take the men of Ireland to court for shirking their duties between the sheets.  “It’s enough to make us broken-hearted—legs galore and none of them parted.” 

Composed 250 years ago by Brian Merriman, our rollicking English translation was penned in the 1950s by David Marcus. 

Featuring performers Kathleen McAuliffe, Julian Casey, and Kathleen Fee, the music of Bùmarang and Kate Bevan-Baker, directed by Elsa Bolam, scholarly commentary: Elaine Bander, PhD, hosted by Dennis Trudeau.

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