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Just completed reading this really quite difficult novel that was published in 2014 by Simon and Shuster Canada. Some impressions are given on our Face Book page. Here is a good review from the National Post:

As well here is another review that was posted on Goodreads that also gives a sense of the book:

Art? May. Be. Literature? So said they. Why? Know not I. Story new? Before heard. Interesting? No. No. No. Then why? Do. Not. Know. Life short books more. Time save you I. I. No name sister girl. Brother no name. Sick. Brain tumor. Operation. Survive! Mother catholic. Pray she pray. Jesus Christ. Father died. Funeral. Pray mother. Jesus is savior. Uncle funeral come. Sister girl. Thirteen. Rape. Uncle bad. Bad. Bad. Blood and semen run. Prey. Girl sad. Sex. Sex. Violent sex. Years many. Blood. Semen. Buises more bruises. Why? Depressionmutilationviolationselfinflictedpainlookingforlovrebellionashamedangerpain. I. Grandad died. Pray mother pray. Funeral. Back bad uncle. Sex. Blood. Semen. Bruises. Sick brother. Brother sick. Tumor back. Pray mother pray. Jesus is savior. Sex more sex. Uncle bad sex back. Brother dies. Sister girl angry, angry. Violent sex drug me with pain. Mutilation. Violation. No procreation or masturbation. I. Mamma mad. Mad. Mad. Sister girl trade you for dead brother. Dead I. I. Dead. End the.

I James Joyce? Ulysses like I write? Not. But write can I too.

NOT an easy read but one that a solid Joycean might find interesting…
Dave Schurman for Bloomsday Montreal

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