New Developments at Bloomsday Montreal

Here are a couple of items that we wanted to share with you regarding Bloomsday Montreal:

1. Kerry McElroy has been engaged as our general manager and organizer for the June 2014 event. She is completing her Ph.D. at Concordia and is very familiar with the Irish Studies people there. As well she is also very familiar with Joyce and Ulysses and totally enthusiastic about what we are planning for June. We will soon have a complete program of events ready under her competent guidance.

2. We have a new sponsor and now our official Bloomsday Montreal bookstore: Paragraphe Books at 2220 McGill College. WELCOME ABOARD!! See their website at

3. Updates are coming soon so keep posted…

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Hello Irish lovers out there!

Hope you will be enjoying St. Patrick’s Day festivities.  Why not go to the parade which is on Sunday, March 16th – beginning at noon. Bloomsday Montreal will be participating in the parade so we hope to see you there.

Meanwhile we have updated our Upcoming Events page with information on what we will be offering in June 2014:  a mere 3 months away!  So check it out.  While a lot of details have to be still worked out this gives you a good idea of what we will be offering.

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St. Patrick’s Day Parade here in Montreal: March 16th

Bloomsday Montreal will be participating in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Sunday, March 16th.  We will also be posting some new information on the events planned for June 12-16.  Keep watching us and come to the parade!

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Happy Birthday James Joyce!

Today is the 132rd anniversary of the birth of this great and innovative writer.  Celebrate by breaking open your copy of Ulysses and start reading (or re-reading).  Get ready for our 3rd annual Bloomsday celebration this June.  More program details will be posted soon so come back and visit us here.

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Haven’t read Ulysses yet? Two new links for you!

Two new links to help you with that resolution to read Ulysses this year.  The audio version is a real boon because you can just follow along as a professional does the reading. Hear the audio version, read the annotated text version or see the links to the right.

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Bloomsday 2014 is up and running!

Celebrations in Montreal will begin on Thursday, June 12.  The Jewish Public Library, a new partner, will be sponsoring the opening plenary session with speaker Marilyn Reizbaum, the Harrison King McCann Professor of English at Bowdoin College, Maine.  Her topic is Joyce, Ulysses, and the Jews.

Marilyn Reizbaum’s talk will be of interest to those who are Ulysses aficionados as well as newcomers to Joyce. Those who have never read Ulysses, whether Jewish, Irish, or Quebecois, will enjoy exploring this classical literary work of Ireland’s most cherished intellectual novelist to discover its cultural themes and Jewish heart.

Reizbaum’s topic is inspired by her recently completed book, Unfit: Jewish Degeneration and Modernism. Her next book project is on Muriel Spark’s Ridiculous Style.  Reizbaum is an accomplished author. Her academic specialties are the areas of British Modernism, contemporary Scottish and Irish literature and film, and Jewish cultural theory.

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Welcome to Bloomsday Montreal blog!

Bloomsday is coming back to Montreal in June 2014 – we’ll be celebrating our third anniversary! Check back soon for updates on our upcoming events.

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