This bold, fearless novel by James Joyce walks us through the lives of workaday Dubliners as it re-imagines the Greek myth, and spins its tale through the hero’s sensual and self-examining interior monologue.


40% of Québecers have some Irish ancestry — one of many cultural markers that signal the great diversity of Montréal. We are inspired by the inclusive potential of this diversity to bring history into the present and make it relevant.

Not Just Joyce

We spotlight the work of this remarkable modernist author and all the fine Irish writers — before and after Joyce — who seize our imaginations with their masterful narratives gifts.

Secrets, silent, stony sit in the dark palaces of both our hearts: secrets weary of their tyranny: tyrants willing to be dethroned.”

Our board is the backbone of Bloomsday Montréal. Their commitment to the festival and community engagement charts our course, and energizes the fundraising and event-planning that defines our path of continuous improvement.

Bloomsday as an event began in Dublin on June 16, 1954 when fans and old friends of Joyce decided to mark the 50th anniversary of this fictional day – also the date of Joyce’s first real-life outing with his wife-to-be Nora. The anniversary was spent retracing the pilgrimage of Leopold Bloom around Dublin. Since then many other cities around the world adopted the tradition, and Bloomsday has flourished ever since.

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In this issue:
A word from our President, Kevin Wright – Reflecting on Our Journey: The Canadian Irish Migration Preservation Network – The Siamsa Singers: Celtic-focused choir returns to their autumn classes – St. Patrick’s Parade Royalty Unite for Cause – Concordia Irish Studies Ph.D Student’s historical analysis of Irish mafia romance novels – Halloween Traditions and History: Where to celebrate Samhain in Montreal!

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In This Issue:
– A Word From The President, Kevin Wright – Origins And Pursuits For The United Irish Societies Of Montreal – ‘Ripples’: A Reflection By Irish Poet Rachel Mccrum – Costello Irish Dance’s Coach Casey Costello Is Training Champions – The Soulanges Irish Society: Making Ripples Since 2019 – The Wheel Club: Then And Now

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In this issue:
— A word from the President, Kevin Wright — Origins of the St. Patrick’s Society — Montreal-based Celtic Trio Bùmarang launches debut CD in May, 2021 — Ciné Gael Montreal: Twenty-eight years of the best in Irish cinema — Corned Beef and Cabbage:  Irish? Jewish?? or Both??? — Miss Bonely, Mr. Deasy and their Mustnots, Donots and Cants, by Anne Lewis

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