Bloomsday 2017 was a hit!

Thanks to everyone who made this year’s festival a Joy(ce)ful week!

2018 Festival Bloomsday Montréal set for June 13-16

“These heavy sands are language tide and wind have silted here.”

James Joyce

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better. We are all born mad. Some remain so. You’re on earth. There’s no cure for that.”

Samuel Beckett

“Read your own obituary notice they say you live longer. Gives you second wind. New lease of life.”

James Joyce

The human heart, at whatever age, opens only to the heart that opens in return.”

Maria Edgeworth

“We are all the heroes and heroines of our own lives. Our love stories are amazingly romantic; our losses and betrayals and disappointments are gigantic in our own minds.”

Maeve Binchy

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Festival Bloomsday Montréal in Photos


Festival Bloomsday Montréal 2017

2017 Festival Bloomsday Montreal Opening Event

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Festival Bloomsday Montréal Video & Media

With Love From Dublin: Bloomsday Montréal Greeting

In 2016 Montreal’s Mayor Coderre declared Montreal and Ireland as ‘twin cities’. In this spirit of fellowship the Lord Mayor of Dublin and Dublin City Council, have gifted us at Festival Bloomsday Montréal 2017 with this lovely video greeting.

Festival Bloomsday Montréal Newsletter

Samuel Beckett’s Wartime Years: A Review of Jo Baker’s A Country Road, A Tree

Jo Baker’s A Country Road, A Tree (2016) is an exciting and moving novel detailing Samuel Beckett’s experiences in occupied France during World War Two. Though it is a fictionalized account, Baker did extensive research before writing the book, and the final product is a strange and beautiful mixture of historical events and imagined or inferred encounters.

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Yes! Believe me: Ulysses – from 933 pages to two hours at the Abbey Theatre!

I met my sister in Dublin. We were two Kelley girls getting together in the land of our ancestors for four days of Joyce—my aim—she didn’t know more than the name and my interest. But I never expected to find that the stage version of Ulysses would be on at the Abbey Theatre! The Abbey Theatre about which I had read so much!

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Dublin dehors

Plusieurs vous diront que de marcher dans la ville de Dublin sur les pas de Léopold Bloom vous permettra de découvrir cette cité dans la version de Joyce. Je leurs rappellerai que Dublin appelle à la déambulation naturellement avec les canaux et les rivières qui se jettent dans le fleuve Liffey, avec les immeubles construits en granite dont les portes présentent le style Georgien à son meilleur.

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New Smash Hit Play in London’s West End: The Ferryman

The Ferryman is set on the 50-acre Irish family farm of Quinn Carney, and tells the story of an extended family celebrating the annual harvest in 1981 (an important year in Ireland’s contemporary history). It is an epic story of love, family and betrayal, exploring the intersection of the politics of the day with the private life of one family on a farm.

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