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Terms of Use Policy and Practices

Privacy & Your Identity

Website software collects information automatically — from your browser and computer — when you visit the Bloomsday Montréal Festival online.

  1. Network location or Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer
  2. Domain name of your internet service provider, for example .com, .org, .net or .ca
  3. Browser name and the type of operating system that runs on your computer
  4. Date and time you visited the website
  5. Pages you opened and documents you downloaded
  6. If you linked to our website from another site, the web software captures the internet address of that site, too.

These are anonymous statistical data with which we make no attempt to find out who you are. However, if you try to damage the site or leave a threatening message on our contact form, we must notify the proper authorities.


Cookies are small files of computer code — left behind by your browser — that establish your computer’s presence on our website. We use cookies on the Bloomsday Montréal Festival website.

When your browser leaves a cookie, this code makes it possible to keep track of your actions on the site. When you return, our site will recognize your computer, and add your searches and downloads to the information it stored from your previous visit.

Value of Cookies. These remember-me digital markers can speed up navigation and search as you register for events, find out more about James Joyce or send us some feedback.

You can always disable cookies: go to your browser settings and just turn them off.

Personal Information — Voluntary Submission Only

We define personal information as name, address, telephone number and email address.

Through this website, we do not collect personal information automatically. We do not disclose, sell or transfer personal information about our users unless required by federal or provincial law.

Volunteer Contact Information for Direct Response. If you choose to provide Bloomsday Montréal with personal information: for example, complete a newsletter subscription or Contact Us form, send an email through or leave a comment on our blog page, we will use your personal information to 1) respond to your message, if necessary or 2) add your contact information to our email newsletter mailing list when you subscribe or make that specific request.

We retain your personal information for as long as necessary to respond to your question or request. Your newsletter subscription will remain active until you unsubscribe.

Security Practices

We protect any personal information you chose to provide through our contact form, email address, blog comment feature or newsletter subscription service. The site integrates SSL — Secure Sockets Layer — which encrypts the personal and financial data our users submit online.


The Bloomsday Montréal Festival website adheres to internationally-accepted standards for accessibility in the online environment. In Canada, these standards and protocols are defined by the Government of CanadaStandard on Web Accessibility and the Standard on Optimizing Websites and Applications for Mobile Devices.

Alternative Formats. If you have difficulty using our website, contact us at or 438-969- 3300. We will provide the information you seek in a format you can access: for example, print or Braille.

Accessibility and Social Media Platforms

The social media platforms we use — Facebook and Twitter — are not required by law to meet Government of Canada Standards for Accessibility. If you have difficulty accessing content on our social media accounts, contact us. We will provide the information you seek in a different format.

Web Analytics by Google

We collect, analyze and measure data related to user traffic on the website. Here’s why: the site’s back-end data set is one of several feedback mechanisms that helps us improve and optimize the site’s UX — user experience.

We use Google Analytics to measure two essential components of site usability:

  1. How users navigate Bloomsday Montréal
  2. Specific metrics that measure how each page functions as people interact with its content.

Google Analytics also lets us know what kind of device you used to access the website and which browser you prefer. We use these data to improve the way we display site content that responds to the kind of device or devices you use online.

Multiple Feedback Mechanisms. Web analytics are just one method proven to improve the usability of a website. We also ask for your direct feedback — LINK — and survey our users regularly on how the site is working for them. We report this data to board members of the Bloomsday Montréal Festival.

Cookies Integral to Google Analytics. Google Analytics takes advantage of cookies to collect standard machine-to- machine, anonymous statistical data, and track user behaviour. This information is one way to understand the website’s usability — positive and negative.

The analytics tool gathers two kinds of cookies: temporary by user session, and persistent cookies that remain on our site for 24 months before they time out and disappear.

Statistical Snapshot of User Behaviour. Google retrieves these data through the analytics tool and compiles a report that gives us a strictly statistical view of how the site functions — page by page. For example, it is important to know how visitors get to our site. Did you click on a newsletter link, see a reference to Bloomsday Montréal on another site or did you open a browser and search for James Joyce or Bloomsday in Montréal?

When we know where you start, we can raise awareness where you are online, and by extension, other similar sites and social media platforms.

Web Analytics and the Bloomsday Montréal Mandate. Raising awareness falls within our mandate. We are a community-building organization that seeks to enrich our members through an appreciation of great Irish literature. In parallel, we are educators, exploring and unpacking the history of Irish immigration in Montréal. Our online presence — Bloomsday Montréal — is an important communication platform that supports this mandate.

Learn more. Google Analytics I Google’s Privacy Policy.

Third-Party Websites & Your Personal Information

We have accounts on these third-party websites — Eventbrite, Facebook and Twitter — on which we provide content.These third-party sites and applications maintain their own terms of use, privacy policy and security practices.

How Does Facebook, Twitter and Eventbrite Use My Personal Information?. It is important to understand how these vendors use your personal information before you leave it behind.

Here are links to the terms use for Facebook, Twitter and Eventbrite.

Facebook Legal I Twitter Terms of Service I Eventbrite Terms of Service

We recommend that you review these policies and practices, and if you choose, adjust the privacy settings on any account you set up that collects personal information.

Links to Other Websites and Ads

Facebook and Twitter — our two social media accounts — often display ads and link to websites over which we have no control.

Be aware that 1) we are not responsible for the content or promotion that shows up on these sites, and 2) we do not endorse the messages, organizations or people who appear there.


We use a Creative Commons License so you can share and use the written content and festival-derived images on Bloomsday Montréal. Creative Commons I BY I NC I SA

Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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