Past Events


Bloomsday Celebrations Underway In Montréal CBC News Montreal, article by Sabrina Marandola

Bloomsday: a Joycean Celebration Senior Times, article by Kristine Berey

Bloomsday Montréal: A Growing Success CBC Radio International, article and audio by Carmel Kilkenny

Byron’s Bloomsday Montréal Quickie List Westmount Magazine, article by Byron Toben

Kathleen Fee Talks About Ulysses and Bloomsday Montréal video, Breakfast Television (BT)

Interview: Dave and Judith Schurman Montréal Rampage, article by T.A. Wellington

Interview: Abby Bender, Celebrating a Classic of Irish Literature The Suburban, article by Joel Goldenberg

Interview: Dave Schurman and Miriam Mokrusa CJAD, Toula Drimonis, audio – move the pointer to18:29 into the program

What Connects James Joyce, Gastronomy, and Happy Days? Concordia University News, article by Elizabeth Faure

Bloomsday: Celebrating the Irish Montréal Times, article by Sergio Martinez


Visual History of the Festival Bloomsday Montréal

Skip through the highlights of Bloomsday Montréal beginning with our inaugural year – 2012.
Presentation: Bloomsday Montréal Festival — 2012 to 2015

CBC Interview, 2012

Listen to Judith Schurman, one of the founders of Bloomsday Montréal, interviewed in 2012, by Sonali Karnick of CBC’s All in a Weekend.

Ulysses – Critique & Readings

Learn more and listen to parts of Ulysses. Special interviews with Christopher Joyce, James Joyce’s grand nephew, and a scholarly critique by Michael Kenneally,  Principal of the School of Irish Studies at Concordia University. Christopher Joyce also talks about the beginnings of the Bloomsday Montréal Festival.

Michael Kenneally & Christopher Joyce Part 1 I Part 2

Watch Ulysses Come to Life

Watch this exciting reading of Ulysses, held at Atwater Library, during the 2013 Bloomsday Montréal Festival.
Ulysses Reading

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