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On his way to work in 1922 Barnett Braverman, a friend of Ernest Hemingway and the first ‘booklegger’ of Ulysses (as Birmingham calls him), took a copy a day of Ulysses into the USA on the Windsor/Detroit ferry. The book wasn’t yet banned in Canada. See full story: Windsor’s word smuggler

Another Canadian connection. Marshall McLuhan used the works of James Joyce extensively in his own work. This article deals with the source of many of McLuhan’s most startling observations regarding art, society and technology and James Joyce. See full article:

One quotation from McLuhan:  “Looking at Joyce recently. A bit startled to note that the last page of Finnegans Wake is a rendering of the last part of the Mass. Remembered that the opening of Ulysses is from the first words of the Mass. The whole thing is an intellectual Black Mass.” (McLuhan, 1987:183)

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