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The Parthenon of (Forbidden) Books

As part of the art fair Documenta 14 held in Kassel, Germany the Argentinian artist Marta Minujín had made to be built in Kassel’s Friedrichsplatz a 1:1 scale version of the Athenian Parthenon. The books chosen were titles which at some time or place had been suppressed or censored. It was the Parthenon of (Forbidden) Books.

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Samuel Beckett’s Wartime Years: A Review of Jo Baker’s A Country Road, A Tree

Jo Baker’s A Country Road, A Tree (2016) is an exciting and moving novel detailing Samuel Beckett’s experiences in occupied France during World War Two. Though it is a fictionalized account, Baker did extensive research before writing the book, and the final product is a strange and beautiful mixture of historical events and imagined or inferred encounters.

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Yes! Believe me: Ulysses – from 933 pages to two hours at the Abbey Theatre!

I met my sister in Dublin. We were two Kelley girls getting together in the land of our ancestors for four days of Joyce—my aim—she didn’t know more than the name and my interest. But I never expected to find that the stage version of Ulysses would be on at the Abbey Theatre! The Abbey Theatre about which I had read so much!

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Dublin dehors

Plusieurs vous diront que de marcher dans la ville de Dublin sur les pas de Léopold Bloom vous permettra de découvrir cette cité dans la version de Joyce. Je leurs rappellerai que Dublin appelle à la déambulation naturellement avec les canaux et les rivières qui se jettent dans le fleuve Liffey, avec les immeubles construits en granite dont les portes présentent le style Georgien à son meilleur.

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