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A Review of Paul Auster’s 4321

It was by happenstance that I picked up a copy of Paul Auster’s latest novel 4321 (2017) a couple of weeks ago at a McGill University “take a book leave a book” site. As expected from Paul Auster, the novel is hilarious, genius, meta and highly readable. But what was unexpected was that I found myself reading a re-imagined version of Ulysses.

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We Are Seeking a Webmaster

A fee of $20 per hour to a maximum of 20 hours per month will be paid monthly upon invoicing. Webmaster shall at all times serve Festival Bloomsday Montréal as an independent agent. Please submit your one-page expression of interest or a c.v. to Festival Bloomsday Montréal President David Schurman at Bloomsday’s email address:

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Vegan Pumpkin Bread

This vegan pumpkin bread is easy to make and doesn’t require any fancy or expensive ingredients. It’s perfect served with tea or coffee and nobody will know it’s vegan, unless you tell them! For a savory version of this pumpkin bread simply omit the sugar and raisins. This bread would be a fantastic accompaniment with a seasonal soup or stew. Enjoy!

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