Our board is the backbone of Bloomsday Montréal. Their commitment to the festival and community engagement charts our course, and energizes the fundraising and event-planning that defines our path of continuous improvement.

Our heartfelt thanks goes to all our board and hard-working committee members. The ongoing dialogue and interaction we enjoy is crucial to our evolving relevance and sustainability as a learning organization.

Our Board

Honorary Board Members

Jim Kelly - Honorary Member

Jim Kelly

Honorary Member

Ambassador of Ireland to Canada

Michael Kenneally - Honorary Director

Michael Kenneally

Honorary Director

Principal and Chair in the School of Canadian Irish Studies, Concordia University

Board Members

Dave Schurman - President

Dave Schurman


Retired Educator

Kevin Wright - Vice President

Kevin Wright

Vice President

Retired Educator

Louise Cauchon - Treasurer

Louise Cauchon


Technicienne en administration, CEPSUM at Université de Montréal

Judith Schurman - Secretary

Judith Schurman


Retired Educator, Community Advocate and Cultural Volunteer

Maggie Benfield - Academics

Maggie Benfield

Academic Liaison

Retired Educator, Cultural Volunteer and Advocate

Carmel Kilkenny - Media

Carmel Kilkenny

Media & the Irish Community

Freelance Writer and Broadcaster

Howard Krosnick - Marketing

Howard Krosnick


Marketing Specialist, Cultural Volunteer and Advocate

Kathleen Fee - Organizer and Creative Consultant

Kathleen Fee

Organizer and Creative Consultant

Actress, Translator, Script-writer, Narrator and Author

Committee Members

Marlene Chan - Film Specialist

Marlene Chan

Film Specialist

Community Volunteer

Lesley Regnier - Editor and Translator

Lesley Regnier

Editor and Translator

Community Volunteer and Advocate

Astri Thorvik - Volunteer Coordinator

Astri Thorvik

Volunteer Coordinator

Community Volunteer — McGill Community for Lifelong Learning

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