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bkWakeOWC1aSo you bought the book and it’s been sitting in your bookshelf for awhile now. But have you mustered up the courage to finally open up and read James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake? Have no fear! Montreal Bloomsday will be holding our first Finnegans Wake reading group and everyone is invited!

Whether you’re a Joyce fan, a student, or a simpleton of Montreal, we invite you to join us this Wednesday March 18th, 2015 from 7:00 – 8:00pm at the Westmount Public Library (4574 Sherbrooke Street West, Westmount, H3Z 1G1) to dive into the subconscious of Joyce’s final novel. The group will be meeting from thereon afterwards every third Wednesday of the month. Stay tuned on our Facebook page and keep yourself posted! PLEASE BRING YOUR COPY OF FINNEGANS WAKE WITH YOU

Did you know that there are Finnegans Wake reading groups all over the world? Not only do they take place at the James Joyce Foundation in Zurich where they’ve been reading Ulysses and Finnegans Wake for years with Fritz Senn, but there are groups held in Amsterdam, Berkeley California, Brisbane Australia and even in small town universities such as Brock University in Ontario. So come on down and reJoyce as we kickoff a new chapter in the Finnegans Wake reading group directory here in Montreal! Get yourself acquainted with Joyce once again before we celebrate Bloomsday in June!

Still hesitating? Check out this black and white film directed by Mary Ellen Bute titled Passages from James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake available online Passages from James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake.


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