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Dedicated to the works of James Joyce, our reading groups bring together people who love Irish literature and its limitless potential for discussion, learning and self-discovery.

Finnegans Wake or The Boaters and Sifters of ALP

Inaugurated in March 2015, the group meets on the third Wednesday of every month.

  • Upcoming Meetings: September 20, October 18, November 15
  • 7pm to 8:30 pm
  • Westmount Public Library, 4574 Rue Sherbrooke O, Westmount, QC H3Z 1G1 I #24 (bus stops at corner of Lansdowne)

We reached a milestone as we finished the reading of chapter one! We began the process of leaving the mythic mists behind, the hooky salmon has been replaced by a rody ram of a lad at random on the premises. In other words, we have left the sign of the zodiac of Pisces and have now entered upon the sign of Aries. Hume the Cheapner, Esc. is on the horizon as the Danes have been given the bum’s rush out of Angleland and are on their way posthaste in their boats bearing a Wicklow pattern to Ireland. There will be a hubbub in Edenborough after the totalisation of the five fifths of the land.

Having said that, a new era dawns on page 31, the second page of chapter 2.

Due to the fact that the Westmount Public Library will be closed to the public for “gentle restoration,” Donna Lach has generously found us a room at Victoria Hall which is right next door to the Library.  The room is called the Prud’homme Room. We will be back at our usual reading location in “The Westmount Room” in October.

Finnegans Wake (PDF/630 pages)

Contact: Kevin Wright, 514-341-3945, or


Group leaders Megan Abley and Dominic Richard created a welcoming discussion-based environment designed to help everyone deepen their understanding of this penetrating and mysterious novel. It was a supportive community of first-time readers and readers revisiting the text. The group began in January 2017 and the last meeting took place on June 8th, 2017. In 5 short months they successfully completed their study of Joyce’s Magnum Opus. Congratulations!

Ulysses (PDF/ 666 pages)

Contact: Megan Abley or Dominic Richard at

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