Proof of Synchronicity? William Blake, Nausicaa and the ‘Mystery of the Cave’

Proof of Synchronicity? William Blake, Nausicaa and the ‘Mystery of the Cave’

From the moment I laid eyes on the book William Blake by Kathleen Raine I knew that I had to have it. I was immediately hooked by the artwork of Blake (1757-1827) whose images slowly revealed themselves to my mind’s eye like those cunning illusions in the Magic Eye books I so loved as a kid. This had also been my experience of reading Joyce’s Ulysses, multiple times.

The Irish of Verdun: The Walking Tour App

The Irish of Verdun: The Walking Tour App

September and October are two of my favorite months because the weather is just right for walking and exploring in Montreal. And for me, a walking tour is a way to experience history and an attempt to conjure up the past. However, as a Montrealer, I’m so used to thinking about this island as part of the New World that I often forget how much interesting history there is to discover right here.

The Boaters and Sifters of ALP

A couple of years ago I saw a movie called The Joycean Society by Dora Garcia. It’s a short documentary about a group of people who have been meeting once a week for thirty years to read James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. The film excited me and I was so jealous of those...

Out of the Quagmire and into Joyce

I have to confess I’d never heard of a bog until I met Dr. Derek Gladwin. Have you? Bogs are a type of wetland. They accumulate with organic material, namely dead plants. They are wet, they shift, and they are swampy and dangerous. Now most of us have heard of the...

A Bloomsday Charivari: Banging Pots for James Joyce

I set-up an interview with Andre Furlani and I know I’m going to get schooled. But I’m glad. Andre knows his Joyce and his Beckett; I can hardly speak to a more knowledgeable person on the topic. He’s a professor at Concordia University as well as the Chair of the...

Molly Bloom: From the Inside Out

As I prepare for my interview with the actor, Kathleen Fee, I look through my undergraduate copy of Ulysses. I see a big red dot that I marked right before the Penelope episode. But years later the significance of this dot escapes me. The dot makes me worry. Will I...

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